Monday, April 30, 2012


i got to go to an estate sale on friday. the husby did not have school so we i celebrated by going shopping. it was a Pieces of the Past estate sale, which i always try to make. they are guaranteed to be good ones.
this was a crazy one. the house was huge and packed full of stuff and people. i haven't been to a sale that you are knocking elbows with people in a while. i got a huge pile of stuff for a steal. though my favorite thing about the sale was seeing the bathroom decor. upstairs was pink with a pink sink, shower, and toilet and a matching pink garbage can (sparkly of course). downstairs was the same except all in blue! so fun! i kinda wanted to live there:)
here's what i made out with:
my car filled to the brim

pennants for the bestie

new comforter for zula's big kid bed

sweet little animals for my sweeties

a new blanket for our bed, still in its package!

vintage clothes for me, you cannot beat $1 a piece

kitchen things. the kitty potholders have magnets sewn into them so they stick to the fridge!

my pile-o-stuff

for z's room

last but not least! a Polaroid with film! unfortunately all the film was bad:( and i was SO sad

a score right?
if you are ever saling and you see a Pieces of the Past estate sale don't miss it!

ps here's a tip: these sales tend to be a little more expensive than your regular ol' estate sale because it is a business running the sale. they know what things are worth, what is junk and what is collectible. their prices are reasonable; cheaper than antique stores but more than a regular sale run by someone who doesn't know what they are selling. because they only agree to do estates that have good stuff i almost always walk away with a pile of treasures. i don't bargain at these sales either only because i'm not usually successful when i do. in my opinion they are worth going to and it's money well spent.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

rain rain

it has been rainy. super rainy for yakima. i really like the rain, especially since it's mostly always sunny here. when it does finally rain it's like an excuse to sit at home in your jammies and read or sleep in or watch a movie. it feels like a treat day to be lazy.  a lazy treat day. a trazy day. ha
it's funny how in seattle it's the exact opposite. when it rains over there you don't let it stop your plans, even if that means walking 5 blocks to the grocery store, cuz if you did you would never get anything done. but when it's sunny over there! man you stop everything you're doing to go outside. it's crazy how close yakima and seattle are (in miles, that is) yet how very different they are.

here are some pictures of a dance party we had last weekend. i was smart enough to grab my camera :)

what do you like to do when it's raining?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thankful tuesday's

hey guess what? it's tuesday and i'm actually writing a post!!! crazy.
today i am thankful for our new house. it is the exact same layout as our old house except it's 300 sq feet bigger, has a remodeled kitchen, working fireplace, and beautiful hardwood floors. i am planning on doing a full house tour very soon but i have some projects up my sleeve that i need to finish before i show you all how it looks :)
when the bestie was over she was surprised by how set up we were.... i feel like it took awhile but then we got to counting weeks and realized we've only been in our new space about 2 months. so that made me feel better about my progress:) here's is a tiny tour of our house now.

i'm thankful for:
more space
a big kitchen
a remodeled kitchen
hardwood floors
working fireplace
garden space
new grass

Monday, April 23, 2012

weekending fun

on friday my bestie came to visit from seattle. we had a super fun girls day thrifting and estate sale-ing. it was also nice to have a break from the littles. i love them dearly, but sometimes..... well i'm sure you know how it is.

we hit two sales and then did the usual thrifting round, goodwill and lighthouse. i always do well at the olde lighthouse shop. it's one of those great stores full to brim with good vintage stuff for cheap! the bestie got tons of stuff for farm chicks and some stuff for herself :) i got a big yellow pyrex bowl to finish the set i've been working on! and it was 7 dollars! say what??
we also stopped by an antique shop that i've never been to before; ripley's on yakima ave. everything was in great shape and he had really good prices. i took some pictures to show you! this shop is an undiscovered gem.

that little puppy is a lamp! oh i wanted to get it for zula! i'm still kinda thinking about going back to get it.
he had a good selection of kids stuff, which is sometimes hard to find here.

ps where do you like to thrift?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

effianna fay

i took some pictures of effi the other day. she is 6 months already!!! crazy. time has gone by so quick and we are enjoying every minute.

she's not crawling but she's rolling all over the place. i gotta keep an eye on this one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Honesty Hour

oh man the state of things over here...... i'm getting ready for feather your nest, so i have crafting stuff all over. it's kinda driving me crazy. i have learned that the best way to motivate myself to get housework done is to have a fun project i want to do. i feel like i can't do my fun thing until i get everything else done! which is crazy i know because it's impossible. but i find myself being very productive so i can spend time on my fun project. the down side to this is..... well..... sometimes i don't get my fun things done when i want to. for example i really need to get things made for feather your nest but i keep running out of time to work on it cuz i'm doing dishes!! ridiculous. ha
oh! you don't know what feather your nest is? oh man you're not gonna wanna miss it. its a pop-up "boutique" with things from local crafters. their next boutique is the first weekend of may. i'm selling circle bunting and notebooks. i'm really excited to be apart of this event. i've heard it's super fun.

zula watching dinosaur train so i can get a blog post done:)

my crafting pile

laundry i should be folding

i'm getting ready to hang some stuff in the hall. it'll be in an upcoming post:)

ps what are you doing today?

Monday, April 16, 2012

chicken field trip

five little, lovely hens went on a field trip to explore the outdoors. of course everyone who is anyone was there; buddy (our neighbor's puppy), the extended family (grandma, grandpa and libby), and all the neighborhood cats came to have a look. these ladies got quite a lot of attention, though i'm sure they were not too pleased about this as they are easily sent into a chirping frenzy.  here is tallia, cinderella, chickalina, and molly's big field trip:

ps yes there are five chickens and i named four. i cant for the life of me remember number five's name. i know i'm terrible, libby named them. i will have to ask her.

and yes it is barefoot weather here!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

thankful thursday

i keep forgetting my "thankful tuesday" post! its one of my favorites to write and i'm always so bummed when its wednesday and i remember "o man yesterday was tuesday!" i've decided to just do it today anyway.

today i am thankful for spring! its been so nice here. we've been walking, playing outside and digging in the dirt. i also really really dont like to be cold. since our house was built in 1901 and has baseboard heaters (which are expensive and not very efficient) we spend the winter bundled up but still a little chilly. when spring gets here i'm always so excited and ready for a little warmth in the sun.
i'm also thankful for a big space to garden and a yard. apartment living has really made me appreciate our outdoor space. it has taken a lot of work to get it to where it's at but it was worth it. last summer we were outside all day almost everyday. and i'm looking forward to that again this year.

ps do you like my new app i've been using? its called photogrid, if you're interested :) i'm a little lot into my new smart phone. its my first!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring break

for spring break our family went to "the farm" a.k.a. oma and opa's. since the husby had two weeks off from school, we stayed for awhile and enjoyed relaxing at the farm. it is so nice to have grandparents/in-laws that love to take care of your kids! we slept in, stayed up late and squeezed in a few dates. for one of our dates we went to breakfast and then to an antique store in Monroe WA. Luckily i have a man that likes to browse those sorts of stores with me:)

we went to The Hitching Post, a tiny breakfast place that has murals all over the walls.

the food and coffee was delicious, of course, especially since we got to have an adult conversation.

effi slept most of the time, as a good baby should when her parents are on a date.

this was the wall behind the cash register at the antique store. i'm kicking myself for not remembering its name! isn't this cool! it makes me want (even) more suitcases.

someday, when my kids are grown, i will have pretty drinking glasses. but for now we will stick with jars that i dont cry about if they get broken.

we also scored a big wooden "E" from the antique store. it was 4 DOLLARS!!!!! i know right?! it's the one in yesterday's post if you wanna see it:)

what did you do for spring break?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


do you remember this picture? i put it at the end of a post FOREVER ago and said "here's a sneak peak at a diy coming up"? well i said that thinking it would make me DO a diy post. that didn't really work out, obviously. and i actually took that picture even longer ago than i posted it! see my iced coffee in the background? yeah it was LAST summer. ha
what you see in the picture above is film from some old film reels. i cut them all off so that i could use the frame. every once in awhile i come across vintage film reels, at an estate sale or someone gives me one (don't ask me why people give me stuff, it just seems they always do). i always grab them because they are so handy for projects. here's one way i've decorated with them:

 i also use them as my base when i make wreaths. its super easy and a good way to re-purpose.

here is my latest project. all i used was some film reels, pastry tins and chain.

can you think of any other fun ways to reuse film reels?