Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring break

for spring break our family went to "the farm" a.k.a. oma and opa's. since the husby had two weeks off from school, we stayed for awhile and enjoyed relaxing at the farm. it is so nice to have grandparents/in-laws that love to take care of your kids! we slept in, stayed up late and squeezed in a few dates. for one of our dates we went to breakfast and then to an antique store in Monroe WA. Luckily i have a man that likes to browse those sorts of stores with me:)

we went to The Hitching Post, a tiny breakfast place that has murals all over the walls.

the food and coffee was delicious, of course, especially since we got to have an adult conversation.

effi slept most of the time, as a good baby should when her parents are on a date.

this was the wall behind the cash register at the antique store. i'm kicking myself for not remembering its name! isn't this cool! it makes me want (even) more suitcases.

someday, when my kids are grown, i will have pretty drinking glasses. but for now we will stick with jars that i dont cry about if they get broken.

we also scored a big wooden "E" from the antique store. it was 4 DOLLARS!!!!! i know right?! it's the one in yesterday's post if you wanna see it:)

what did you do for spring break?

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