Tuesday, April 10, 2012


do you remember this picture? i put it at the end of a post FOREVER ago and said "here's a sneak peak at a diy coming up"? well i said that thinking it would make me DO a diy post. that didn't really work out, obviously. and i actually took that picture even longer ago than i posted it! see my iced coffee in the background? yeah it was LAST summer. ha
what you see in the picture above is film from some old film reels. i cut them all off so that i could use the frame. every once in awhile i come across vintage film reels, at an estate sale or someone gives me one (don't ask me why people give me stuff, it just seems they always do). i always grab them because they are so handy for projects. here's one way i've decorated with them:

 i also use them as my base when i make wreaths. its super easy and a good way to re-purpose.

here is my latest project. all i used was some film reels, pastry tins and chain.

can you think of any other fun ways to reuse film reels?

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