Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i had an unscheduled break here. i promise though, i was anything but bored.

i'm so happy to be home with an empty september and october to enjoy. we are finally wearing sweatshirts and pants, picking peaches and keeping our windows open.

here's what we've been up to:

secret projects, for secret people

road trips

yummy victrola coffee

not sleeping ha!


saying goodbye to friends (tear)

making messes

enjoying our garden

as you can see we've been pretty busy. i don't know how it happens but every summer we are TOO busy. so busy our friends forget who we are, so busy it seems we are always packing/unpacking, so busy we are frazzled, sleep deprived and crabby; so so busy.
every year i look forward to "the best summer ever" and then am so happy when it's over because we planned way too much stuff. so here i am OFFICIALLY vowing that i will NOT do it again. next summer i want to be home enjoying the sunshine, not driving home at 4 am (which really happened).
will you hold me to it, pretty please?