Sunday, September 25, 2011

some stuff i've made

now that re-stock is also my business name i thought i would give you a little tour of some stuff i've made. all of my stuff is made from 100% vintage materials. this is what gets me really excited! i love vintage stuff and giving old, unwanted things new life. this means i am constantly thrifting and estate sale-ing, looking for old paper, photos, thread, books or hats. i try not to cut up stuff that is in good condition but rather find things that would be headed to the trash.

here is some stuff i've made:
handy notebooks made from vintage card stock, ledger paper, thread and ephemera

hair clips made from vintage felt, fabric, beads, thread and bobby pins

if you like what you see, keep checking back. i'll keep you all updated on christmas craft shows :)


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