Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Honesty Hour

oh man the state of things over here...... i'm getting ready for feather your nest, so i have crafting stuff all over. it's kinda driving me crazy. i have learned that the best way to motivate myself to get housework done is to have a fun project i want to do. i feel like i can't do my fun thing until i get everything else done! which is crazy i know because it's impossible. but i find myself being very productive so i can spend time on my fun project. the down side to this is..... well..... sometimes i don't get my fun things done when i want to. for example i really need to get things made for feather your nest but i keep running out of time to work on it cuz i'm doing dishes!! ridiculous. ha
oh! you don't know what feather your nest is? oh man you're not gonna wanna miss it. its a pop-up "boutique" with things from local crafters. their next boutique is the first weekend of may. i'm selling circle bunting and notebooks. i'm really excited to be apart of this event. i've heard it's super fun.

zula watching dinosaur train so i can get a blog post done:)

my crafting pile

laundry i should be folding

i'm getting ready to hang some stuff in the hall. it'll be in an upcoming post:)

ps what are you doing today?


  1. So excited to meet you and see the beautiful things you are creating for Feather Your Nest!

  2. thanks stephanie! i'm so excited for feather your nest.