Thursday, April 12, 2012

thankful thursday

i keep forgetting my "thankful tuesday" post! its one of my favorites to write and i'm always so bummed when its wednesday and i remember "o man yesterday was tuesday!" i've decided to just do it today anyway.

today i am thankful for spring! its been so nice here. we've been walking, playing outside and digging in the dirt. i also really really dont like to be cold. since our house was built in 1901 and has baseboard heaters (which are expensive and not very efficient) we spend the winter bundled up but still a little chilly. when spring gets here i'm always so excited and ready for a little warmth in the sun.
i'm also thankful for a big space to garden and a yard. apartment living has really made me appreciate our outdoor space. it has taken a lot of work to get it to where it's at but it was worth it. last summer we were outside all day almost everyday. and i'm looking forward to that again this year.

ps do you like my new app i've been using? its called photogrid, if you're interested :) i'm a little lot into my new smart phone. its my first!!!

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