Monday, April 30, 2012


i got to go to an estate sale on friday. the husby did not have school so we i celebrated by going shopping. it was a Pieces of the Past estate sale, which i always try to make. they are guaranteed to be good ones.
this was a crazy one. the house was huge and packed full of stuff and people. i haven't been to a sale that you are knocking elbows with people in a while. i got a huge pile of stuff for a steal. though my favorite thing about the sale was seeing the bathroom decor. upstairs was pink with a pink sink, shower, and toilet and a matching pink garbage can (sparkly of course). downstairs was the same except all in blue! so fun! i kinda wanted to live there:)
here's what i made out with:
my car filled to the brim

pennants for the bestie

new comforter for zula's big kid bed

sweet little animals for my sweeties

a new blanket for our bed, still in its package!

vintage clothes for me, you cannot beat $1 a piece

kitchen things. the kitty potholders have magnets sewn into them so they stick to the fridge!

my pile-o-stuff

for z's room

last but not least! a Polaroid with film! unfortunately all the film was bad:( and i was SO sad

a score right?
if you are ever saling and you see a Pieces of the Past estate sale don't miss it!

ps here's a tip: these sales tend to be a little more expensive than your regular ol' estate sale because it is a business running the sale. they know what things are worth, what is junk and what is collectible. their prices are reasonable; cheaper than antique stores but more than a regular sale run by someone who doesn't know what they are selling. because they only agree to do estates that have good stuff i almost always walk away with a pile of treasures. i don't bargain at these sales either only because i'm not usually successful when i do. in my opinion they are worth going to and it's money well spent.

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