Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thankful tuesday's

hey guess what? it's tuesday and i'm actually writing a post!!! crazy.
today i am thankful for our new house. it is the exact same layout as our old house except it's 300 sq feet bigger, has a remodeled kitchen, working fireplace, and beautiful hardwood floors. i am planning on doing a full house tour very soon but i have some projects up my sleeve that i need to finish before i show you all how it looks :)
when the bestie was over she was surprised by how set up we were.... i feel like it took awhile but then we got to counting weeks and realized we've only been in our new space about 2 months. so that made me feel better about my progress:) here's is a tiny tour of our house now.

i'm thankful for:
more space
a big kitchen
a remodeled kitchen
hardwood floors
working fireplace
garden space
new grass


  1. Glad to hear your settling in! It would be crazy to see the house now...i'm so used to it being the Hanson's house

  2. lol yeah i know! we are in love with the kitchen!! thanks to you guys :)