Monday, April 23, 2012

weekending fun

on friday my bestie came to visit from seattle. we had a super fun girls day thrifting and estate sale-ing. it was also nice to have a break from the littles. i love them dearly, but sometimes..... well i'm sure you know how it is.

we hit two sales and then did the usual thrifting round, goodwill and lighthouse. i always do well at the olde lighthouse shop. it's one of those great stores full to brim with good vintage stuff for cheap! the bestie got tons of stuff for farm chicks and some stuff for herself :) i got a big yellow pyrex bowl to finish the set i've been working on! and it was 7 dollars! say what??
we also stopped by an antique shop that i've never been to before; ripley's on yakima ave. everything was in great shape and he had really good prices. i took some pictures to show you! this shop is an undiscovered gem.

that little puppy is a lamp! oh i wanted to get it for zula! i'm still kinda thinking about going back to get it.
he had a good selection of kids stuff, which is sometimes hard to find here.

ps where do you like to thrift?

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