Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I painted the kitchen, the kitchen, the kitchen!!!!!

i know, i know. this is not the season, nor do i have the time right now for house projects. but when i start i just dont know when to stop. i am very good at biting off more than i can chew (which is the grossest analogy ever). this results in things done halfway. well not anymore!!!! it is my new resolution to be more detail oriented.
one of my best friends, and business partner, Danae, is so good at this. I have decided to take a few lessons from her and give details a little more attention. i am queen of starting something and only half finishing it. for example: the trim in my living room right now is only half painted gray and has been for probably 6 months or more. the husby, is good at balancing me out in this aspect.... and what i mean by balancing me out is that he usually finishes what i start. anyway, i have learned from my mistakes and now have decided to do things right from the beginning.
this however turned my small painting project into a huge painting project. i got out the white paint so i wanted to repaint everything in my house that needed white paint. so my kitchen repaint turned into a bathroom repaint and some doors in zula's room, and the trim in the dining room. but i stuck with my new resolution and did everything well. really, i did. you can come over and look for yourself!

anyway. i decided to do ALL of this (well thats not quite all. we also stripped and sanded the dining room floor, rearranged/made room for two new lockers, made gluten free bread and cleaned up outside for the winter). a week before the husby's birthday party, two weeks before thanksgiving. oh and did i mention i am planning a craft show also? needless to say i was feeling a little overwhelmed. in the middle of all those projects i realized "i have to get these finished cuz we're going to be having people over soon." and "oh yeah i should probably plan a birthday party for the man i married."
i keep telling the husby that these are the last few projects until winter. and i really do mean this.

well i am truly truly happy with our kitchen result. and wish i had painted this room years ago!!! like before we moved in, it looks so nice and fresh.

p.s. you do not get to see the sanded dining room until we paint.... in the spring (i dont know if i can wait that long!!!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

zula belle joyful lee's place to sleep

finally. i know you  have all been dying to see it. zula's room!
the color was left over from when alicia lived here. she always picks great colors for rooms, so i left it.
then i found this awesome map at a church rummage sale. it was 2 dollars!!!
ah.... living in yakima. where cool things are considered worthless. oh how i love you!