Friday, September 30, 2011

kids room

finally a room for zula that has it all! toy storage, lots of space, changing table, and a tree of birds! my color inspiration was the carpet. i wanted to compliment it and make the pink stand out more. i picked this bad boy up at an estate sale 2 summers ago for 10 bucks!!!!!

 i drug this huge branch home one day and am so glad i did. i have used it in multiple rooms already. but zula loves it here.
 owl, fan, duck and elephant are all estate sale finds. we got the dresser from some friends for cheap and painted it.
 i made the pictures and the "d" and "z" postcards are from our trip to portland.
repurposed wooden crates for shelving

 vintage baskets for stuffed animals

 here's a close up of the carpet, my color inspiration
and this i what the room usually looks like..... a mess

hope you enjoyed the tour

our tiny suite

it took me all summer, but here it finally is! our "master" bedroom redo.

we decided to switch bedrooms with the kid in preparation of new baby coming. this also gives her more room to play and have toys so they are not all in the living room, even though they usually end up all in the living room. our new "master" is suuuuper tiny. our bed takes up most of the room and we had to get really creative in the closet!
here were some of my goals for this room:

fresh and airy feeling
not too girly but girlier than our previous bedroom
i wanted all of my vintage bedspreads to match, so pretty neutral
slightly industrial

i think i pulled it of :) here are the pictures. i have a couple more small projects i'm planning for the room (new light fixture) but i will fill you in on those once i figure out exactly what i want.

 tins and mirrors
 the curtains, pillows and bed skirt i made from vintage material
 framed vintage stencils that i spray painted to match. the circles are little tart tins. you can find similar ones here
vintage milk crate is repurposed as a hamper
vintage tea cart stocked with baby blankets

see pretty tiny. 6 pictures about covers the whole thing :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

some stuff i've made

now that re-stock is also my business name i thought i would give you a little tour of some stuff i've made. all of my stuff is made from 100% vintage materials. this is what gets me really excited! i love vintage stuff and giving old, unwanted things new life. this means i am constantly thrifting and estate sale-ing, looking for old paper, photos, thread, books or hats. i try not to cut up stuff that is in good condition but rather find things that would be headed to the trash.

here is some stuff i've made:
handy notebooks made from vintage card stock, ledger paper, thread and ephemera

hair clips made from vintage felt, fabric, beads, thread and bobby pins

if you like what you see, keep checking back. i'll keep you all updated on christmas craft shows :)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

blog update!

hello all!
here is my new blog. you like it? pretty similar but with a funky new name and new posts coming soon!

i decided that "a record of photographs" was a little too narrow a title for all i want to do on this blog.
so introducing....... re-stock!
this is not only my blog title but my new business name as well. so keep your eyes peeled for me at craft shows coming up during christmas time!

here are some new things you can expect to see here:
diy projects reusing vintage materials
updates on business stuff, what craft shows i will be doing and such
more house decorating with vintage finds

i will leave you with two teeny tiny sneak peaks of my next two blog posts: