Friday, May 24, 2013

ladies and gentlemen! i have an ANNOUNCEMENT

no i'm not pregnant, sheesh, quit asking! jk
but really, people keep asking when we are gonna have another kid. and i'm all like "um, can't you see i ALREADY have my hands full" plus where would be put another kid? our house is full up!

but now to my announcement, my real announcement (other than that rabbit trail).

my esty shop is OPEN!

[insert a double round of applause (one round for each child i have)]

you may have seen some of my bunting in previous posts and my bunting diy, way way back when. but now you can purchase it from me.

oh, and notebooks too.

here's the best part about my shop: everything is made from vintage materials. this is my passion, finding new and interesting ways to use vintage stuff that would normally get thrown out. so go check it out, take a look around, buy out the whole shop, we both know you want to.