Tuesday, February 5, 2013

what we've been up to

are you on instagram? if not, you should be. it's fun and way way addicting. why wouldn't everyone want to see pictures of my life every minute of the day? it's funny that the most popular apps are slightly narcissistic. but it is a fun way to document every day life and prinstagram is pretty awesome (i did a diy using my prints).

are you following me? my username is melissamlee

Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

honesty hour

i hate it when people go to things when they are sick. like really sick. ya know, with the flu...... or something really contagious. i know that people have lives and don't wanna stay home. but i dont want to get sick. and i feel it is common courtesy to not spread your nasty germs everywhere. who's got a judgy judge judy in her head? this girl!

with that said, i was that person on sunday.

last weekend was crazy. we had a church leadership thing friday and saturday, a birthday party (saturday), baby shower, and church on sunday. we kinda overbooked ourselves (eye roll). in my defense, this has not happened in a long time, and i learned my lesson this time. really.

our kids were already under the weather, stuffy noses and coughs, by the time sunday morning came, i could tell poor miss effi was not feeling herself. the thought entered my mind, "maybe we should just stay home today." i quickly brushed it aside because..... well honestly, i was looking forward to snacks at the baby shower. this is honesty hour right?

we left church early, got to the baby shower, deposited presents, ate a cookie. and IT happened. Effi threw up. ON ME. we gathered our things as quickly and gracefully as we could, i apologized profusely (who brings a sick kid to a baby shower?!) and we ran out the door.

then we did this all day:

so far no one else is sick. we watched three movies yesterday and relaxed. effi slept almost all day. we wished we had more days like this, minus effi throwing up of course.