Wednesday, October 24, 2012

vintage diy

i picked these guys up at an estate sale the other day.

they are metal embroidery hoops. i did not even know they existed. aren't they cool? much cooler than the wood ones. i've kinda been into embroidery lately (i know, i know grandma-ey). but i haven't been too pleased with the wooden  hoops. but these! oh i can USE these! needless to say i bought them all.

i decided to put some of my nanna's handkerchiefs in them. i know i did not make this up so here are some links i found for this project: linwood avenue and 100 layer cake

first i ironed.

then i laid them out.

next i placed my hoops on the pattern i wanted.

then put them in the hoops and pinned the extra fabric. i didnt want to cut them, since they are sentimental, but cutting them would be much easier.

last i laid out my design, and.....

hung them.

ta da! 

ps i did end up having to add a second layer of fabric because my hankies were so thin. just a heads up.

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  1. I do remember metal hoops, the problem with them is they can leave a circular rust stain on the cloth they hold. Rust is why they started to make they out of wood. I recommend a good treatment with steelwool and clear spray varnish-type sealer. That will keep your special hankies safe from rust.