Monday, October 22, 2012

pretty peeks

finally, all of a sudden, fall is here. i really like summer but i think fall might be my favorite. we have put away our summer clothes, pulled out the slippers and sweaters and SCARVES. Oh how i love scarves! oh! oh! and rain boots. it doesn't rain too often here so when it does i am wearing my red rain boots (actually, i wear them even if it looks the tiniest bit like it might rain). they are vintage. and i love them.
i love this season of settling in, drinking tea and eating soup. it's raining today. i'm sitting by the fire (i hope there's not a burn ban...... uhhhh nope there's not, just checked), drinking coffee and writing. so lovely.

also i wanted to share this with you. it has got me thinking.

here are a few pretty peeks of our fall decorating so far.

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