Friday, October 26, 2012

patch of pumpkins

we went to the pumpkin patch. it was $9.50 per adult! we found this a little spendy. after hemming and hawing (for what seemed like forever) over whether or not we wanted to spend that much. after talking about all the other things we could do with twenty dollars (go to a movie, go on a date, go thrifting, buy ourselves something nice, keep twenty dollars). we got over it and forked over the money. did i mention the girls were free? i dont know what we'll do next year (eye roll).

but let me tell you...... it was wonderful and we had the time of our lives!

we went down a blow up slide (i say "we" because yes i did go down and no i wasnt supposed to), saw animals, roasted marshmallows, rode some very bumpy hay, saw a pumpkin in the river (this was a BIG deal, zula was very concerned about the poor pumpkin), ran through a hay maze, and brought home 4 pumpkins.

it was a very good memory making experience, a memory maker, perhaps.

unfortunately at this point my camera died..... wah wah

did you get to go to a pumpkin patch this year? where did you go? we may need to find something different next year.


  1. I will plant pumpkins next year and Zula and Effie can come visit them all time from beginning to end and we can have a party when it is time to harvest. Good job mom as the memory of this will be forever. 20.00 small price to pay for that kind of family time.

  2. first of all- so many blog posts lately! good job! love it.

    i'm glad you guys went ahead and spent the money- looks like you had so much fun! love z's little boots and her pony tail! when they get bigger you should do one of the corn mazes near Seattle- i think they're the same price anyway.

    yay for fall! (i miss it).

  3. Thanks guys!!! @Danae, i know? her boots are awesome! i'm kinda jealous