Wednesday, October 31, 2012


happy halloween? not. today i am realizing (again) how much i hate very strongly dislike halloween. i just finished making costumes, because there is No Way i'm going to actually pay money for costumes. this always happens. i'm rushing last minute to make something and then the next day i throw it away, or because i spent so much time on it i dont throw it away.  once it sits in my house for a year without being used then i throw it away. i dont even like dressing up. why do i have to make my kids dress up? mommy guilt probably. dang you, mommy guilt!
so as i sat at my sewing machine i was thinking of all the things i would rather be doing during nap time (aka "my time"): writing a blog post, sitting and relaxing, eating a treat that i dont have to share, sleeping, showering, sitting and staring at the wall. luckily i got it done and here i am Ranting and Raving to you. oh yes, those are capitol r's over there.

now that i've gotten that out of my system. let me tell you how cute my kids are gonna be! ha!

here's to hoping that your halloween is much more enjoyable than mine :)

are you curious what i was making?  a squirrel tail for zula. she's is going to be a squirrel and effi is going to be an acorn. so zula can "eat her all up" ha!

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