Monday, June 25, 2012

living in the present

when we were first married i longed to have kids; actually i don't ever remember not wanting kids. i assumed that the "waiting for the right time" would get easier, but it never did. i have always been so excited to be a mom, and honestly i'm surprised we made it four years before we finally started having babies.

i caught myself yesterday daydreaming about growing old with my sweetie. having an empty (and clean) nest, just the two of us finishing sentences and having lots of time together. i'm glad i caught myself. my second thought was "when i'm old i will probably wish my kids were little again."  why are we always wishing or dreaming of what's to come instead of enjoying where we are at now. i know that i am getting much better at this (it was one of my new year's resolutions); but obviously i have room to grow.

it's funny because older people are always saying, "treasure this time, they are only little once." i always kinda rolled my eyes because i literally hear it about twice a week. lol
but it is so true. i am doing my best to enjoy this short season in my life.

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