Wednesday, June 20, 2012

honesty hour, in over my head

the husby recently graduated. he's done, already has a job and we are enjoying this new season in life.
so of course we all attended his graduation..... kids in tow.

what was i thinking? two little kids sitting way up in the bleachers for a graduation?
no way.

they were great for about an hour. then i realized that i was asking way too much of them. we took a little walk around the school, saw a clock tower (big deal!), walked across a bridge and rode in an elevator. we got back just in time to see aaron get his diploma, then we were off to eat cake

luckily i have amazing kids; and family that helped me out and kept me sane.

as you can see oma enjoys hugs more than zula does

ps do you have any stories of when you were in over your head?

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  1. When Christin was a baby( newborn) I wanted to go to church and Dave had to work with our only car with him. I decided to put the kids in a wagon and strap Christin to my front and walk to church. I remember when I realized halfway there that this was not a good idea and had to turn back and sat on the floor in the middle of the kids room and cried and cried. That was over 29 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. By the time I got home the front of my shirt was soaked in breast milk all of us were crying and starving and I had to suck up the energy to fix it all and feed them. I should have just stayed home and remembered that God did not expect me to be super mom.