Tuesday, June 26, 2012

thankful tuesdays

today i am thankful for trips.

it is so nice to get out of your ordinary routine, have an excuse to eat out alot and spend extra time with family, use disposable diapers.

so naturally i've been busy trying to get the house ready for our absence. oh i'm sure you know the list: cat sitter, chicken sitter, clean bathroom, clean floors, laundry done, diapers washed, beds made, dishes done, packed, clean car, clean out the fridge. it's ALOT of work to go out of town. by the time we leave i'm exhausted and really really do need a vacation ha! obviously this list is a little overzealous, i do not actually get all of these things done.

ahhh but isn't it nice to think; "this is the last sink full of dishes for 5 days," or "i don't have to make breakfast, or sweep the floor until i get back"?

here's what we've been up to today:

the last pile of laundry

the last sink full of dishes

trip treats

how about you? do you leave your house "as is" when you go, or do you scrub every corner before you leave?

1 comment:

  1. I always try to clean as much as possible so we don't come home to a messy house. I like to come home and still get to relax a little bit before falling back into our routine :-) Have a great vacation!!!