Friday, June 15, 2012

what has happened?

i am sitting here trying to think of something to post.


i took some pictures of the living room the other day, so i thought i'd do a living room tour. but they are awful. the pictures are too dark, the color is weird and honestly things are a little messy. how did i not notice this when i was taking them? so that's out.

i've had alot of time on my hands this week, which has been wonderful. usually i feel like i'm running around like a mad person cleaning so that when it is finally nap time i can do a fun project. not this week, i put the kids down for a nap and....... nothing. no inspiration, no excitement, no drive.

i know this is not bad. it's good. i'm not running myself ragged, i'm enjoying my kids, i'm keeping up with the housework. but honestly i'm feeling uninspired. i think i might go sit outside and read. i hope you are enjoying this weather.

and just so i don't leave you without any eye candy:

this is a tin i recently found. it is currently on the porch holding our chalk. i noticed the other day that there is a heart around the mountain peak. isn't that weird? what are they trying to insinuate? that we will "heart" their lard. ha!

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