Thursday, February 2, 2012

honesty hour

sometimes when i read blogs and magazines i find myself comparing my house to those i see. do you find yourself doing that? the purpose of these are to inspire but sometimes i just find myself wanting and feeling down instead. this does not help with my new year's resolution
so i give you: "honesty hour" where i will post honest pictures of the state of my house. i think it will be fun and add some reality to my blog. recently serena over at the farm chicks blog, had a very similar post where she quoted a book she is reading. i liked it so much i thought i'd share it here. 

Pleasant Homes:
Beautiful furniture on its own will not make rooms cheerful. The charm of a cozy home rests with its homemaker. If she is fortunate enough to have sunny rooms, her task is half done. In homes where the sun never shines, something must be done to make up for it. A sunless room should have bright and joyous color in its furnishings. The walls should be warmly tinted, and the curtains give a rosey glow to the light that passes through them. Ferns and shade loving plants may add cheer to the room and suggest quiet forest nooks.
An attractive room need not be too orderly. A book left lying on the table, a bit of needle-work on the window sill, an open piano, indicates the tastes and styles of those who live there, without suggesting that there is not a place for everything in that room.
There is such a thing as being too neat and nice to take comfort in everyday life, and this is anything but cheerful. And there is such a thing as being so disorderly and messy that comfort and cheer are impossible.
If a mom cannot rest while there is a fingermark on the paint or a spot on the window panes, she may have a neat home, but her tension will keep it from ever being cheerful.
A bird singing in the window, an aquarium on the table in some corner, plants growing and blooming, pets moving about as if at home, these give life and brightness to a home.


  1. Okay so since soom my house will be your house i am freaking out. I am so glad you are being honest because I feel bad you have made that house so beautiful and mine is fine but not that great. I am glad i am not the only one who does the comparison thing. I have never ever seen your house even remotely not clean and uncool. Just saying.

  2. thats because i care about what you think.... which means i am scrambling around my house putting things away when you are coming over! ha!!