Friday, January 13, 2012


i have been procrastinating. i cant seem to finalize new years resolutions this year. i enjoyed them so much last year but this year....... i'm feeling unmotivated, uncreative and stuck.
i have decided to just focus on a couple small meaningful things this year.

#1  let house chores go and have fun with my kids.
this year i'm going to let the dishes sit in the sink so i can read to zula or play with effi. its easy to let house chores or my to-do list rule my day. i want to be better at putting my kids first.

#2  be better at trivia games.
the husby and i are a disgrace when it comes to trivia games. even as a team we hang our heads at how much useless knowledge we don't know. see we dont even HAVE trivia games.

#3  get up before the kids, sit in this chair and do nothing.

#4  save time and energy for my husby.

what are your new years resolutions?

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