Monday, January 30, 2012

a little something i've been working on

i'm almost always making/doing/baking something. its not because i'm bored or dont have better things to do. ha!  like this blog, it keeps me sane, happy and healthy.

here is something i've been working on lately:

they started out as garland but because they were a little more time consuming than i planned they turned into hair clips. i got the idea/diy from rachel over at smile and wave. she always has such fresh fun ideas for vintage stock. you can find her diy here.

ps aren't bows fun? i dont know why they are all of a sudden so cute. but i love them!!

pps if you shop at patina these will be there soon to purchase if you dont feel like making them yourself.


  1. very cute!! wanna make some black and cream ones for me to sell at gather and hunt?