Friday, December 30, 2011

happy almost new year

my christmas stuff is put away (though i will probably be singing christmas songs for another month) and zula keeps saying "christ is lord." it was the last three words in the verse we read every day as part of our advent calendar. so i guess she learned something over the holidays.
i was hanging out with my ladies the other evening and we were discussing how last years new year's resolutions had gone. i am pretty pleased with myself. i think i did pretty well on all of my resolutions. i dont usually make resolutions (last year was my first year) but one of my friends is always asking what our resolutions are. i really enjoyed having tangible goals throughout the year and am excited for this years resolutions though i'm still thinking about what my resolutions should be this year.
here's last years post if you are curious: 2011

i will leave you with a pretty picture :) it has been beautiful over here:

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