Tuesday, January 11, 2011

resolutions, for the new year, of course

it has been said that if you make your resolutions public you are more likely to keep them. so what better way to make them public than to blog about them.
the husby and i are pretty laid back people and we are really good at going with the flow. we have never really done new year's resolutions. i always felt it was silly to make extravagant resolutions just to quit them within the first month of the year. but this year i have realized that it is good to have goals. we make them rarely, and i think its good to be intentional about your time and your life.
so here they are in no particular order:
                                                       1.   listen to the husby more/better.
                                             i tend to think that my way is the best way all the time :)

                                             2.   reduce my use of plastic. by buying more of these:

                                            3.   reduce my garbage. currently we take our can to the street
                                    (well alley) twice a month. my goal is to cut that down to once a month.

                                      4. only purchase/keep things that i use. this is resulting in a organizing frenzy.
                                                        i will share my progress in my next post.

                      5. play outside more. this picture is super old! but it makes my point :)

do you have any resolutions? i'd like to hear them.

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