Friday, June 8, 2012

a little DIY

i made some bunting for the bestie's farm chicks booth this year. here is the diy i did for it last year. check out her blog, gather and hunt, to see pictures of her booth and the fun heart bunting we made.

recently i made some circle bunting for farm chicks and for school house craft. they were such a hit i thought i'd share how i made them here.
this project is really easy and fun. for the farm chicks show i made my bunting from an old atlas and for school house craft i used old writing paper and an algebra book. i am planning on doing red and white for christmas this year. i am really excited to see how it will turn out!
here is what you will need:
-a stack of circles, i have access to a sizzix so this was really easy. if you dont you could just cut cirlces or use a circle cutter.
-a sewing machine

since i really like my stuff to be made from 100% vintage materials i used vintage thread when sewing my circles together.
#1-my stack of papers
#2- pull some extra string out of your machine so you have a tail to hang bunting from. start sewing.
#3- feed next circle through machine.
#4- a string of circles.

to create desired space between circles i continued sewing but waited a second or two before putting in my next circle. i experimented with how long to wait to get the desired distance.

here are some pictures of my bunting at school house craft:

its also fun to do different sized circles and alternate them along your strand.
be sure to check back to see pictures of my christmas decorations.

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