Wednesday, March 14, 2012

zula's birthday party #2

zula just turned two. here is her party... the one at our house. it is actually her second second birthday party. you know what i mean right? ;) her first party was at oma's house. it was super fun. we had cake pops and played with cousins. this is birthday party number two!

when the husby and i had kids we decided that we wanted to make a big deal out of birthdays. do it up right, ya know? her party this year was kid themed. we had chicken nuggets, juice boxes, sweet potato fries and ice cream sandwiches. my goal was to get pictures of adults drinking out of juice boxes. ha i was successful and we all had fun! also i really like juice boxes.

and zula really liked her ice cream sandwich:)

ps have you checked out my bestie's blog lately? its SUper cool!

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  1. fun! i wish we could have been at this one too! (or should i say 'two')? love the 2 and <3 buntings!