Saturday, March 9, 2013


recently, a reader asked me how i know what to buy when i am thrifting (thank you for your feedback, Theresa). i have a yakima thrifting guide in the works (and by that i mean, in my head), but i think the first step to know what to buy is knowing what's in. so i made two pinterest "then and now" boards to share with you.

board #1

board #2

ok. did you look at those? you should, cuz they kinda took alot of time :)

also i found this that i thought was pretty and relevant.

you have to work a little harder to remain on trend in a small city. when i lived on capitol hill i would see trends on the street and think "oh man that's so cute" i'd wear it and not even realize that everyone was doing the same thing. i was accidentally trendy, "accendy" or "trendentally." (ha!) i personally think that it's important to stay true to yourself and not be swayed by trends. most trends, though, are just recycled ideas from past generations, (as you can see on my boards). i don't usually buy something trendy unless it is trendy and vintage. that way i know when it isn't trendy i will still love it because it is vintage.

how do i know what is trending?  i read alot of blogs. and by alot i mean, like a million. actually it takes up too much of my time, i should probably cut back.

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