Monday, March 4, 2013

rethinking: vintage shelf liner

i'm a sucker for ephemera. ephemera is any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. for example cards, packaging, paper, playing cards, twine. i don't know why but i almost always buy these things when i find them. i'm worried they will be thrown out unappreciated. vintage packaging or playing cards are so much cooler than what is around today. i have found myself with a small collection (ahem, hoard) of shelf liner. some of it i used as shelf liner, but some of it (the stuff i love) i've used in art projects.

here's the deal:

you'll need scissors/x-acto knife, shelf liner, fabric (for backing), and an embroidery hoop. i had all these things on hand because i buy fabric and embroidery rings like no one's business.

cut out the pattern you like. i knew i wanted mine to kinda grow up from one side so i had that in mind when cutting.

place fabric in embroidery hoop, peel shelf liner and adhere to fabric. i actually had to add glue because my liner fell off after a bit.


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  1. Wow those are so pretty. I really love that. Wish I could find some of the old wall paper like the kind in my closets and do that. What a great idea. Thanks.