Thursday, January 10, 2013

vintage diy

i have been in a craft-funk. i'm itching to make but can't think of anything. i want to take pictures.... but of what? my kids? again? (jk)

also it's hard to get anything done (let alone be sane), when they dont take a nap.

so this project, from design sponge, was perfect. i actually had almost everything on hand. i was thinking i would have to go buy cedar shavings and then ashley english mentioned in her post that she raises chickens and so always has cedar on hand. oh yeah, i almost forgot, we have chickens (palm to forehead). zula and effi were very helpful at pulling the pine needles off the branches (effi was so into this), dumping everything on the floor (um... also effi), and almost cutting everyone's fingers off (that would be zula).

here they are, the little cuties.

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