Tuesday, January 15, 2013


here's a little re-diy idea for you. are you like me? not much time on your hands? itching to be creative? noisy kids sucking up all your time? well you are in luck this diy is so easy you can do it while your kids are running around (like i did).
the kiddos really, really wanted to help me with this one, but i said, "get out of town! paint pens are NOT for kids."

we've been using this vintage laundry basket in our room, i love it. as you can see, it has a cool little diamond pattern on it. and i thought "wouldn't it be cool if you could see that better" so i put a bird on it got myself a paint pen ($4!!) and colored it. suPER easy and suPER fun. i used a paint pen so that when i get tired of it i can spray paint over it easily. i picked gold because, well duh its beautiful. also this diy totally turns my cool hamper into an on trend masterpiece (metallics + geometric shapes = on trend)



this got me thinking. what else could i "on-trend" with a paint pen? you got any ideas?

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