Thursday, November 15, 2012

just in time for christmas: lace card diy

i have been keeping my eyes peeled, literally, for lace cards. i wanted to find them second hand, ya know to save some bills. but i haven't found any.  i had some in my hand at target (they were 3 bucks!) but they were princess and made in china. ew. (if you did not know we avoid buying stuff from out of country.... we do)
so i put them back. and i'm very glad i did because it brought about this creativity. i find i am the most creative out of necessity.

this project was super easy and you dont really need anything too special to pull it off.


i used a vintage board book that was ripped and some vintage ribbon but you could use a shoelace or any thick string or yarn.

i cut around the pictures in my book with an exact-o knife. scissors worked fine but this was a little easier.

punch around the perimeter of your pictures.

and lace your little heart out!!

i'm saving this as a christmas present, even though she saw it :) hopefully she'll forget.

here are my other cards:

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