Friday, November 16, 2012

just in time for christmas: crinkle toy diy

i saw one of these at feather your nest last year and was wanting to make my own version. i saw them again this year and decided it was time.


(oh and a sewing machine, not pictured)
i had been (trying, unsuccessfully) to save a chip bag for this project, but the husby kept throwing it out. he's so thoughtful throwing garbage away ha! so i had to improvise with a craisin bag. you just need something that wont fall apart in the wash.
i cut out a flower from some vintage fabric that i liked. you could cut a shape or an animal, whatevs.

sew right sides together leaving a little hole (about 2 in), so you can turn it right side out (the opposite of inside out?)

 iron down your toy, place crinkle plastic inside and sew along edge closing up your hole as you go.

there you have it. i think effi may have enjoyed this better last year.... but i dont think she will complain :)

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