Friday, July 13, 2012

pops of yellow

aren't camera phones awesome? they are so convenient and its amazing how good of a picture you really can get with your phone. i have realized, though, that ever since i got a smart phone my poor nikon has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust. literally. poor guy. and my poor photography. i have become lazy with my pictures. yes it takes like 3 seconds to walk across the room and pick up my nikon. yes it is big and bulky (compared to my phone). and yes i really do take better pictures with it.

i have decided to not let my camera gather dust any longer!

here are some pictures i took with my nikon recently, just yellow things in my house. i love yellow. dont you?

ps i use gimp to edit my pictures. over at a beautiful mess they are doing a new series of posts about how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements. it is not exactly the same as gimp but similar. i have been enjoying them, and used their latest tip in my photos above. they also have tons and tons of photography tips that are really helpful, also their blog is just lovely. you should check it out.

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