Monday, July 16, 2012

chicken update

the chicken coop. oh it took forever to finally build but here it is! solid, roomy and perfect for our five hens. well...... four hens and..... a rooster. yep that's right poor cinderella (the crested special) is not a girl but a boy. "she" started crowing a couple weeks ago. we are a little bummed, because she he is so cool looking. but our yard is no place for a rooster, so says the city of yakima. we found him a good home with wide open spaces and plenty of other chicken friends. our hens it seems, dont really know what to do with themselves now that he is gone. zula keeps asking, "where's chickalina."

having chickens has been lots of fun. still no eggs but we are counting down the weeks and dreaming of fresh eggs. zula loves them and spends lots of time feeding and talking to them.

the husby found the chicken coop design online and we spent a grand total of $60 on supplies! thank you restore. everything we read about chickens said to anticipate spending at least a couple hundred on your coop. ha! take that internet.
she still needs a coat of paint.... but i'm kinda indecisive about the color.

inside drinking water. they look so funny when they drink :)

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