Friday, May 11, 2012

kitchen tour

oh yes finally! as promised! a full kitchen tour:)
this kitchen is wonderful. thanks to jeremy and aleina hanson who remodeled it for the previous dwellers/current owners. it is beautiful, has a great color palette and is spacious. we didn't do anything to it when we moved in. just unpacked all our stuff and said "we could fit 5 people in here!"
we were definitely outgrowing our other space. there were days when i was baking, zula was playing in a cupboard, libby was chatting and effi was in her highchair and i almost lost it but then kicked everyone out. in this kitchen we are not all elbow to elbow with one another. AND the countertops! they are made from old doors, jeremy really is genius.

here is our kitchen:


  1. so cute! i get so many ideas from you dear darling.

  2. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself! So glad to see you guys embracing everything Jeremy made and changed in there! It is crazy how much bigger we were able to make it!

    1. we are LOVING it! also.... the hole in the counter for cords to go into.... um genius!