Thursday, May 10, 2012

honesty hour

well it's only been one night and the big kid bed has been a big pain in the you-know-what. we were all excited, zula was so excited. but she is also smart and does not want to sleep. she is busy and does not want to be still. she is wild and cannot be contained!
she knew we were outside working on the chicken coop, i caught her little eye peeking through the front door. do you blame her? we're out there sawing and hammering and she's inside "sleeping."

i was hoping when she woke up, this morning she'd play in her room for a bit. nope. i should have known she would be a hit the ground running kinda kid. i opened my eyes, heard her little running feet and, "good morning chickens!"

time to get up.

on a positive note. little miss effianna slept ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! i should be a whole new women getting so many hours of sleep IN.A.ROW. but something is in the air, or the water maybe, or my brain. it is a crabby day. a put the kids in front of PBS so i can blog day. an i'm-gonna-pull-my-hair-out-at-730-am day. a we-ran-out-of-coffee-AND-milk day.

can i keep my peace even in days like this? can i relax while the sink is full of dishes, the rooms are turned upside down and we're eating an easy meal again.

challenge accepted.

my resolution to "no coffee in the house"

z and i did puzzles in bed when i wasn't feeling well (oh yeah i'm getting over being sick too)
her big kid bed. it looked this nice for about .5 seconds

ps i hope you all are able to read my humor in this. writing it out is helpful for me. therapeutic even. i'm more able to laugh it off and continue my day. so join the laugh with me. and i hope it helps you know that it's ok to have bummer days and it's ok to wanna just go back to bed but it's our response that matters. i also know that when i feel this way God can help me have extra patience and peace and turn my terrible morning into a great day.


  1. I know you hate to hear this but you will actually miss this day at some point. I do. Turn a trashed day into pleasure. Do not worry about the house or the chickens or the meal. Do your favorite things that you do with the kids. I regret those days when i could have layed on my belly coloring and instead i worried about the house or something else less important. One of my favorite things to do with kids is glue. Let them glue and glue. Zula loves it. Glue in paper plates with lots of scraps and junk to glue and take back off again. She can glue you can sit with her and watch the mess and then later she might even want to sleep. Something about a puddle of fresh elmers glue is just so much fun. Love you and praying for you.

  2. thanks theresa:)
    it actually did turn into an ok morning. we ended up reading in her bed.....