Friday, September 30, 2011

our tiny suite

it took me all summer, but here it finally is! our "master" bedroom redo.

we decided to switch bedrooms with the kid in preparation of new baby coming. this also gives her more room to play and have toys so they are not all in the living room, even though they usually end up all in the living room. our new "master" is suuuuper tiny. our bed takes up most of the room and we had to get really creative in the closet!
here were some of my goals for this room:

fresh and airy feeling
not too girly but girlier than our previous bedroom
i wanted all of my vintage bedspreads to match, so pretty neutral
slightly industrial

i think i pulled it of :) here are the pictures. i have a couple more small projects i'm planning for the room (new light fixture) but i will fill you in on those once i figure out exactly what i want.

 tins and mirrors
 the curtains, pillows and bed skirt i made from vintage material
 framed vintage stencils that i spray painted to match. the circles are little tart tins. you can find similar ones here
vintage milk crate is repurposed as a hamper
vintage tea cart stocked with baby blankets

see pretty tiny. 6 pictures about covers the whole thing :)

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