Monday, January 7, 2013

putting christmas away

usually i'm excited to put christmas stuff away so i can redecorate. not this year. i wanted christmas to last through january. why cant it? january kinda sucks anyway. good thing it's my birth month, otherwise it would have no redeeming qualities. january is the coldest month of the year. i'm sick of being cold. i'm enjoying sitting by the fire, especially when the husby makes it. he's really manly and makes amazing fires. i think that fires are kinda like sandwiches. they are SO much better when someone else makes them for you.

i took some pictures while i was cleaning up christmas stuff, cuz ya know.... i was bored.... not really. actually this really old christmas ornament told me to take it's pictures. isn't it pretty?


  1. I know that tree! You, my friend, have a ton of boxed ornaments! Holy plastic tubs. ;)