Tuesday, January 29, 2013

family walk

these pictures are from thanksgiving. thanksgiving! i know. but they are too cute to not share. :)

the other day, when the kiddos were entertaining themselves (!), i had a moment where i thought "what should i do." pause. breathe. "i dont have anything to do right now." i dont think that has happened for a year, literally. having two kids is alot of work, well having kids is alot of work. so i have been crafting and reading and playing guitar. the product of this is, i have some new posts in the works. i have lots of diys coming and i have an etsy shop that will be opening the first weekend of march! i'm more than a mom again! i have hopes and dreams and time, oh beautiful time!

ps i know that i have always been more than a mom, its just easy to forget sometimes.

pps. thank you all for your feedback concerning my blog, it was appreciated.

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