Saturday, December 29, 2012

Honesty Hour

do you ever find yourself judging other people? don't worry, i'll answer that for you: of course you do. we all do, right? i know before i became a parent there were all sorts of things "i would never do" that i totally do now. the moral of this story: the grass is always greener? um.... no that's wrong.

....... here is a confession, i used to judge other peoples' houses. not in a mean, critical way; but like "oh man that would drive me crazy" kinda way. ya know, those easy fixes that are bothersome, bad caulking (which i live with), holes in the walls that need to be patched (i got those too). well i have vowed, oh yes vowed, to never think that again. i would like to show you this. this, friends, is something that "would drive me crazy." let's be honest, it does drive me crazy. every. single. time. i look. at. it. and yet there it sits hangy and lopsided. i'm looking at it right now, actually and it's driving me crazy.

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