Tuesday, December 4, 2012

honesty hour

this has been the worst. week. ever. i try not to be too negative here but, let's face it, sometimes really negative stuff happens in life. so in an effort to be real, vent and maybe laugh at my circumstances a little i will share this week with you.

it all started out like it was gonna be awesome. monday the husby had a surprise half day! we celebrated; jumped up and down for joy and high-fived each other (well we didnt actually high-five, but we felt like it). tuesday i went to bible study, had the time of my life, as usual. then it hit. like a ton of bricks, an "emotional roller coaster." you may know what i'm eluding too, i'm not gonna spell it out for you cuz this is kinda public. anyway. i was not feeling myself and had a crap day. a real crap day. the kinda day that before i had kids i would have just slept in, ignored everyone and kept my mouth shut. these things are impossible when you are a parent, especially the ignoring everyone part. all day i was trying not to lose my patience, which of course i did, which of course led to shame, like i'm a bad mom or something (stupid shame). i'm not a bad mom. i know this. i digress......
we survived. the husby got home we ate, the kids went to bed and ooh! adult time. a real conversation!

well the rest of the week just got worse. our dog got stolen. yes stolen. i'm pretty sure at least. he's gone and we're all just a LITTLE sad. then aaron's check was like a quarter of the size it normally is. that's when i cried, stressed out about money. stupid money. (actually i may have cried more than that.....)
then we GOT THE FLU. (in the middle of the night so we are still lacking in sleep) ack!!!

so i think you will agree with me, this week sucked. we're all on the mend, though. healthy again. i also have a nice warm house. we found a cheap heater on craigslist and we are even toastier than before. i also have a wonderful husband who took care of me and two kids, cleaned up vomit and kept the house clean all weekend. he really is amazing.  oh also.... i met some new neighbors, so that's always good.

i just wanted to keep things real here. we are on the mend, i'm still grumpy, we are alive and will survive. also i realize that these are very small problems in the big scheme of things but i dont want any of you to think things are perfect over here or anything.

and.... i dont even have any pretty pictures to share with you...... oh wait! i can come up with something:

so i found alot of pretty pictures :) dont you feel better? i do. these are from the Meege's baby shower this summer. didnt she do a good job decorating?

ps i'm also VERY thankful for PBS.

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  1. oh no! sorry you had such a rotten week! :( i'm glad you're feeling a bit better and i hope this week is extra awesome to make up for last week!