Friday, December 21, 2012

guess what?!?!

i'm a little excited, ecstatic even; jumping up and down in my fuzzy pink robe (too much information? sorry). i'm excited!!!!

i entered my christmas mantel in two contests recently. you know the one i did a fun step by step for you on monday? that one. you didnt see it? oh, you should go look. (i know you didnt see it, cuz it had only one page view ha!)

anyway....... my mantel was featured on Emily Henderson's blog. no big deal. i would like to publicly state that i kind of love her. i watched and rooted for her on design star. i've seen all of her Secrets from a Stylist episodes, and the bestie spotted her in LA at Ikea. so we're kinda already friends. so entering that contest wasnt really fair to everyone else. oh jeeze, i've said too much (five sentences actually, yes i counted).
she is having a mantel contest and the winner gets something vintage from her collection! um, yes please.

but wait! that's not all. oh, no that is not all! (can you tell i read dr. seuss books all day?)
i also entered my mantel in design sponge's contest and I'M A FINALIST. oh man, this may be the best christmas ever. for this contest  you win money. cold hard cash. that  would be nice, i think.

will you, yes you, do me a favor? i know you are busy browsing facebook, chasing kiddos, drinking coffee, working, commuting, yelling at kids, dreaming, planning, christmas shopping, baking, stressing, ect. ect. but will you vote for me?  Here and Here. Pretty please. i would really appreciate it and i promise to remember you when i'm suPER famous.

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