Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a restock GIVEAWAY

and the winner is...... tracy!!! big surprise :) 

oh yes, for real. i am having a giveaway. this is something i made that i'm not really using anymore, well actually i found a better frame that i'm using :) it's a thankfulness calendar. every evening at dinner we take a turn saying what we are thankful for and i write it down on a card and hang it up. it has been fun/challenging to come up with something new everyday. zula is so cute she almost always says, "i am thankful for mommy." which is really nice to hear, let's be honest :)

this includes
a frame with wires to hang your notes on
23 baby clothes pins
23 red and white paper squares to write on

also you can hang pictures on it when it's not thanksgiving.

to enter please leave a comment and say one thing you are thankful for. i will pick a winner with on monday. and if i don't hold me to it!


  1. I always win these things...

    I am so very thankful for my whistling tea kettle, my slippers and all things fall.