Wednesday, August 8, 2012

how we wednesday: the fruits of our labor

we did a little picking the other day. it is so fun and exciting to eat things out of the garden! our first year we had a vegetable garden i remember thinking, "man! i totally planted that and it grew." as if i did anything special other than dropping a seed and watering it, as if this hasn't been happening for years and years, as if all my food isn't planted and watered by someone. it is a joy and i think a great learning experience to have a vegetable garden. this is our third year having a garden and we have definitely learned alot.

i have learned:
not to trust the roommate to water when we are away (this was our first year and sadly not very many plants made it through our vacation)
carrots are my favorite thing to pick
to weed and weed and weed
that even though i really really don't wanna water, that's the easiest part and my plants won't live through my laziness
to start early, really early
starting from seeds is hard
my house is too cold to for seedlings
two-year-olds like to pick anything, especially if its not ripe
zula knows how to enjoy a carrot

this is how we garden:

are the love-carrots so cute?

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  1. it will get easier as you go. I never have much luck with carrots. Those are awesome. I have a wonderful house to start seedlings in so we can do it together next year.