Wednesday, July 18, 2012

how we wednesday camping edition

we just got back from our annual family camping trip. the husby has been going to the same place for the past 22 years. crazy huh?

let me just say, camping with two little ones was actually not that crazy. we all slept in a tent, the same tent that aaron has camped in since he was in highschool. it was a squeeze but was actually pretty great. effi got up at 5:30 every morning and we went to bed super late every night. but it was relaxing and fun and zula had a couple really exciting adventures. when we arrived at 10 pm the first thing she said was, "i wanna get dirty" haha and dirty she was from that point on until we got home.

this is how we camp:

how we sleep on the beach

how we get rid of some energy

how we stand on a log

how we get dirty

how she falls asleep 2 minutes into the car ride home

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