Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how we wednesday

it's been hot! we are avoiding using an air conditioner (we'll see how that goes) cuz you know old houses=big electric bills. we got the pool set up and we've been outside a lot. i don't really mind the heat, i do mind cranky kids (and husbands) because of the heat. it's nice to go sit in the shade and watch zula swim and not feel like i should be doing something else cuz its "too hot to do anything."
here's how we've been doing things lately:

how we spread cream cheese on a bagel:

how we enjoy chocolate covered strawberries (thanks grandpa terry!):

how we wish to swim:

how we cut a bagel:

how we torture play with the cat:

how we eat yogurt, everyday, all day:


  1. I love Effie's face! I miss that little peanut...

  2. we can't wait for you to visit!!!