Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tiny tour

have you ever noticed a super cool old building and thought "i wish i could just take a quick peak inside"? i think this ALL the time. especially when we are going for walks. we live in one of the oldest neighborhoods in yakima. you can tell that in its heyday it was once a very wealthy and prominent street. it is full of huge old houses and has a grassy median lined with giant trees . it is sad to see all the beautiful houses in such poor shape.
recently our neighbors bought a house down the street and i got a chance to look around and take some pictures! my dream had come true to just take a "tiny tour."  its previous owner was a sweet old lady who would sweep her sidewalk on nice days and say hello to zula when we walked by.

this house is a gem! as you can see, it has alot of things going for it; tall ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, leaded windows, claw foot tub, radiator heaters (that work!), an awesome porch and back yard.

have you ever had a similar experience, where you got to see/explore something you've always admired?

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  1. such a beautiful house! love the herringbone floors in the 4th photo!